Useful advice for a healthy heart.


Each year, roughly 790,000 Americans suffer a heart attack and one in seven deaths continues to be caused by heart disease—making it the nation’s leading killer.

The path to heart disease often feels unstoppable, inevitable: Your blood pressure is too high, your cholesterol keeps rising, your arteries are narrowing, and—before you know it—there are exploratory procedures and invasive surgeries scheduled.

With this Healthy Heart Report, Consumer Reports aims to provide consumers with evidence-based information for all the critical moments along the way, to help you cut through the noise of conflicting studies and swirling, often contradictory advice.

And so that you can make the best possible choices about your own well-being:

When should you take statins to lower cholesterol? What exactly is a heart-healthy diet? How low should your blood pressure go, and what’s the best way to get there? Do you really need an EKG?

And, among many other questions, how do you determine the right hospital if surgery is required?

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